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Explosion Proof Products in Natural Gas System

Which is very important for the safety of life and Ex-proof issue, which had been ignored in large-scale industrial applications other than those carried out in some plants. Ex-proof material with 25 years of experience in the production Protas, the buildings in this study aims to resolve the question marks for the Energy Efficiency Directive should be brought up natural gas internal installations.

Ex proof products in environments with explosive-flammable properties due to chemical or dust in the air, preventing the spark of life and because of the explosion and fire has a special structure that is used to prevent loss of mechanical and electrical goods are teçizat. These may occur in case of fire due to the special structure carries out the flames leaking cooling feature in itself.

Natural Gas Interior Installation Technical Specifications of the wiring in the central gas boiler should be present in görebina is necessary to ensure the ex-proof protection for safety. Terms pursuant to LPG, natural gas or electric panel to obtain the necessary electrical power for the devices in place to work with hazardous materials, fans, lighting fixtures, ventilation motors, cable and panel systems explosion and spark safe (Ex-proof) should be. Thus, the power of any explosion or fire hazards that may arise from the installation are provided as well as the prevention of loss of life and property.

Examples of equipment and product selections in a typical installation is shown in the diagram below. Ex-proof use of specialized equipment may be able to be just outside the boiler room of the electrical installation.

Manufacturing plants and systems with the ATEX Quality Management System certification since 2007 yılnda Protas, as a Turkish company to receive ATEX certificate types of many product lines, in explosion-proof electrical equipment continues to provide world-class service.