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  • LED Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures

    The advantages of using LED lighting areas, widespread in the coming years will continue. Considering the development of LED technology in lighting product line started to apply exproof Protas, LED tube products and ATEX type certificates by completing the LED lane lighting fixtures to the market in 2014. Protas, ex-proof electrical materials to produce according to international standards in our country as we leave the twenty-fifth year, ATEX certified in Turkey has managed to become one of the... Read More

  • Explosion Proof Products in Natural Gas System

    Which is very important for the safety of life and Ex-proof issue, which had been ignored in large-scale industrial applications other than those carried out in some plants. Ex-proof material with 25 years of experience in the production Protas, the buildings in this study aims to resolve the question marks for the Energy Efficiency Directive should be brought up natural gas internal installations. Ex proof products in environments with explosive-flammable properties due to chemical or dust in... Read More