Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical production is the process of processing hydrocarbons such as oil and natural gas and converting them into chemical products. This process begins with the refining, separation and separation of oil and natural gas into different chemical

These components can then be processed through chemical reactions to produce polymers, plastics, dyes, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and many other chemical products.

The petrochemical industry has a large place in the world economy and is used in the production of many products in our daily lives. However, since this industry carries high explosion risks, it is a sector in which safety precautions must be taken. In petrochemical plants, special ex-proof equipment and systems are used to reduce explosion risks.


In petrochemical production facilities, many Ex precautions must be taken to minimize explosion risks. These measures are:

  1. Use of Ex equipment: All electrical equipment used in Zone1 areas of petrochemical plants must have an Ex certificate. Ex equipment is designed to be protected against explosions of flammable gases and dust.
  2. Classification of electrical equipment: Electrical equipment used in petrochemical plants should be classified according to the explosion risk category. Accordingly, the protection level of the equipment is determined and the most appropriate exproof protection level is selected.
  3. Correct cabling: In petrochemical plants, correct cabling must be done. This prevents faulty or incorrectly connected wiring from increasing the risk of explosion.
  4. Personnel training: Personnel working in petrochemical plants must be appropriately trained against explosion risks. This includes being informed about the correct use of ex-proof equipment, the correct operation of facilities and the reduction of explosion risks.
  5. Periodic maintenance and control: Ex equipment used in petrochemical plants should be maintained and checked at regular intervals. This ensures the correct operation of the equipment and reduces explosion risks.
  6. Fire prevention and extinguishing systems: Fire prevention and extinguishing systems should be available in petrochemical facilities. These systems are vital for reducing explosion risks and ensuring the safety of facilities.

The petrochemical industry is a sector where Ex precautions must be taken, as it carries high explosion risks. These measures are vital to the safety of facilities and must be implemented correctly.