Water - Waste Water Treatment

Explosion risks in water treatment facilities may arise as a result of improper storage or use of chemicals used in water treatment.

Additionally, processes involving liquids and gases in water treatment plants also increase the risk of explosion.

In areas where explosion risk is high, electrical equipment and lines are of particular importance, especially to provide protection against explosion hazard. Power lines and equipment must be designed for explosion protection. For this reason, electrical equipment and lines to be used in water treatment plants must be ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) certified.

ATEX certified products can be used safely in environments with high risk of explosion. Additionally, insulation of electrical equipment and lines is important. Insulation protects equipment and lines from explosion sources such as electric arcs or sparks that cause flammable gases, vapors or dust to burn when used in explosion-risk environments.

Electrical equipment and lines used in water treatment facilities must be water resistant and made of stainless steel. In addition, equipment to be used in facilities with high humidity must be resistant to humidity and suitable for humid environments.

As a result, it is especially important that electrical equipment and lines that will be used in explosion-risk environments in water treatment plants shall be ATEX certified. Additionally, the equipment must be water-resistant and made of stainless steel and must be resistant to high humidity. In this way, the safety of facilities can be increased and the risk of explosion can be minimized.